Jet lag, daylight savings time and blogging

This is my first official blog posting of more than one sentence.  I had toyed with a blog a couple years ago, but never really posted anything.   As I sit here on my 6th jet lag-laden day back in New York after being in Asia for a couple weeks, I think now is as good a time as any to see if I like blogging or not.  So I just set up the trial account on TypePad and will give this a shot.  If I find I don’t blog enough, I’ll just kep everything on the Vox account I set up a couple of days ago.  My pal David Porter recommended both highly.

So, this is pretty serious jet lag.  I am coming up on a full week of waking up at somewhere between 3 – 4:30am and staying up through the day.  Of course that means that I fall asleep by 8 or 9pm which hasn’t helped the cycle.  I haven’t bothered looking into remedies because I thought it would be a two day affliction.  It’s probably time to do that now.

To add insult to injury, I woke up today at 5am (thinking I had made progress) only to realize that the clocks were turned back and hour!  So, another 4am start.  Like everyone, I love the extra "fall back" hour, but this year I wish I could have taken a rain check. 

I went downstairs to see if any of the delis are open so I could grab a coffee.  Only bars.  I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the neighborhood was still buzzing.  It seemed like plenty of people were relishing the extra boozy hour crawling between the many clubs and pubs around here.  I think I’ll have to wait another couple of hours for that coffee.

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