My new gig!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have just joined skinnyCorp / Threadless as CEO.  skinnyCorp operates several online communities, the largest of which is Threadless, a community-based t-shirt company with an ongoing open-call for design submissions.  Essentially, designers from around the world submit designs which are rated by the large and active Threadless community.  The weekly winners are paid a cash prize and their designs are printed onto t-shirts which the company sells.  Founded in 2000, Threadless has been growing rapidly and is the original and leading player in this space.  Also, just recently, the company launched Threadless Kids.

I am excited to be working again in an entrepreneurial, consumer-focused company that bridges the creative world and the web world.  I’m particularly happy that it’s one with such a vibrant and passionate community.  I am looking forward to collaborating closely with Jake Nickell (founder/CSO), Jeffrey Kalmikoff (CCO), Harper Reed (CTO), and the rest of the extremely talented team. 

Jake posted the anouncement on the Threadless blog earlier today.  It’s a great welcome to begin what I expect will be a tremendously rewarding, fun, and successful partnership.

6 thoughts on “My new gig!

  1. hey tom–
    that’s great. threadless is a super-cool service. great gig! congrats. are you staying in NYC?
    things are good out here in LA. hope to see you sometime soon.
    way to go,

  2. Tom,
    Congrats on your new gig! Sounds like a great opportunity, and one where I’m sure you’ll leave another great mark!
    Best wishes,

  3. hey tom , congrats
    I have a proposal for you but only your old EMI email.
    can you shoot me a line at gmail?

  4. Hi Tom, congratulations on Threadless! It’s a pretty cool company.
    I hope you don’t mind that I looked you up– I searched for you on LinkedIn and just wanted to know that I submitted an email to for my idea. Think of it as the iTunes for stickers where community members create their own sticker sheets that get printed as one-off sticker sheets complete with unique shapes– users select from community stickers to create their special selection of stickers and the designers get paid a percent of the sell; AHAA! the viral element! It’s web 2.0 with a tangible community product– it’s threadless but slightly different.
    Please forgive me for “spamming” you here. This is the only email you’ll receive from me unless you care to continue a dialogue.

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