Pluto named one of the top 50 start-ups in LA

Great write up on the LA start-up scene with some nice love for Pluto TV!

From the intro:

“Some of the trends we expect to see to hit the scene in 2015 are: gamification of celebrities; the transition from TV Networks to Internet networks like YouTube and Pluto TV, and the growth of brand-centric e-commerce”

And here’s the piece about us:

File 35911

“Pluto TV

Pluto.TV is where you go to watch TV on the Internet. The website allows people to flip through channels and discover and consume the best video content the web has to offer. Oh, and it’s interesting to mention that Pluto.TV organized in a way similar to what you’d see on that old, dusty box also known as a television. On Pluto.TV, a user has access to nothing short of a variety of channels from Funny or Die to Business News to channels dedicated to weed and children, separately of course. The service streams 24/7 on any device. Similar to traditional cable, the content isn’t quite “on demand” — a user can’t select future programming to watch, they can only watch shows as they’re playing live (but there are options for rewinding and fast-forwarding within that show block). But like DVR, you can record future programming.

Tuned In, Ready To Turn Up: Last November, Pluto.TV raised $13 million in Series A Funding.”

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