I’m an entrepreneur, board member and investor focused on digital entertainment, media and commerce. Currently, I’m a co-founder of Pluto.TV, a free online video service that serves nearly 100 curated channels 24/7 across any device. I’m also a founding board member at Smule (a mobile music creation community with popular apps like Magic Piano, Autorap and Sing) and a board member at Trunk Club (a hand-selected clothing service for guys). Additionally, I’m an investor and advisor in a variety of start-ups.

Until 2012, I was CEO of Threadless, a crowdsourced art community and e-commerce company best known for its graphic t-shirts, where I’m still a board member today. I also served as a board member of Threadless’ sister company Society6 until it was acquired by Demand Media in 2013. Earlier in my career I served as senior vice president of digital at EMI Music (one of the major music companies) and helped build Virgin Mobile USA (a youth-focused mobile operator), eMusic (an independent digital music retailer) and Cductive (a digital music retailer I co-founded and sold to eMusic).

I’m originally from the New York City suburbs. I attended Dartmouth College as well as INSEAD in France. Today, I live in Los Angeles with my wife, son and two French Bulldogs. Aside from the intersection of the arts and technology, my interests include foreign languages, electronic music and hoppy American craft beer. Occasionally, I dust off my records and mp3s and perform enthusiastically but poorly as DJ White Chocolate.

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  1. Tom – i’m hitting you from all angles here b/c i’m in a time crunch. My company, Two Bit Circus – engineers, roboticists, etc who make crazy tech art and best known for OK GO This too shall pass’s video, etc, have shot a web series for Best Buy on the making of the ultimate viewing experience. One of my guys loves your clothes and wore them for the shoot and BB is requiring us to get clearance – is there anyone you can direct me to to facilitate? Let me know – thank you! Jodi Lederman jodi@twobitcircus.com/310.775.5424

  2. Tom,
    My name is Richard Nadel and work with Manual Woodworkers & Weavers from North Carolina. We are a large fulfillment house in the Photo industry for the large Photo retailers. I spoke with one of your management team members about four years ago to discuss other possible products for you guys today and I was told “Thank you but we only do and will only do T-shirts”.
    We are certain you would agree there are some products you should be doing but investing in the equipment right off the bat without testing is a bit of a gamble. I am proposing that you use our factory as the testing ground for some new products (of which you like) and if/when they take off, we understand that Threadless may get into it themselves.
    Would you be interested in having a quick conversation?
    Thank you,
    416.886.7071 (I live in Toronto)

  3. Hi Tom, my name is Kathy Wilson and I am a senior researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I am conducting worldwide research into crowdsourcing with a well-respected team using case studies and have already examined 7 crowdsourcing companies across 4 countries (USA, Canada, Australia and Nepal). I would also really love to briefly interview you because Threadless and your work there is so innovative and trail-blazing. I am wondering if I could call your office phone and have a 15 minute chat? I have been trying for almost a year to contact anyone at Threadless and it would be really awesome to hear from you. cheers Kathy

  4. Hi Tom! I’m a great admirer of what your teams at Threadless and Society6 have accomplished! And congrats on the Society6 deal! Thumbs-up from Singapore~

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  6. My name is Darion Williams, I’m a shoe designer looking for angel/seed investors to help me launch my brand. I saw your profile on Angel List & I wanted to know if you’re at all interested in investing in a fashion brand. If you are I would love to send you my pitch in hopes that you will be interested in investing.

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