From England, an ode to Threadless

Check out this track. It’s things like this that make working at Threadless really special.

Snippet is a musician from England who used to be part of an electronic act called Deep Joy on the amazing Mo’ Wax label. Mo' Wax was home to many pioneering and talented acts, like DJ Shadow, Attica Blues, DJ Krush, and Dr. Octogon. What set the label apart, however, was that each release was delivered in equally impressive artwork, oftentimes from famous artists like Futura. Mo' Wax was truly one one of the labels where the case for vinyl over any other format is a no-brainer.

Anyhow, Snippet read about Threadless recently in one of the UK newspapers.  He got so inspired by our community and the idea of user-designed products that he wrote a song about Threadless called “I Love Your T-Shirt.” Now that's community love!

3 thoughts on “From England, an ode to Threadless

  1. Oh what a delicate compliment to Threadless. 🙂 If i had a wish, the Modeselektor dudes should tinker a dope track for us and Z-Trip should be the man for our next party. 🙂

  2. Yeah – Modeselektor would be a great one to craft a theme for ABT. No shortage of amazing German producers these days. Speaking of which, I am seeing Superpitcher and Michael Mayer tomorrow night, and Sigur Ros tonight. Getting Sigur Ros to do one for us would be a dream!

  3. Ah i’m jealousy of you Tom!! You’re the man to talk about music he? 🙂 I should check out your page. The last last gig i watched was the french cutie Yelle.:-)

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