Lots of new developments at SkinnyCorp

We've been working hard over the past few months here at SkinnyCorp, and I am proud of our team and our recent accomplishments. 

First, we recently launched a new site for each of our four key tee shirt brands: Threadless (user-submitted and rated designs); TypeTees (user-submitted and rated slogans); Select (established artist designs curated by Threadless); and Threadless Kids (popular Threadless designs for kids and babies).  Previously, only Threadless and Threadless Kids had their own sites.  This new structure provides each brand its own unique space where it can grow, be promoted and speak to its distinct audience.  At the same time, the universal navigation bar at the top of each site and other cross-site promotional aspects, give each site the support of being part of the Threadless family.  And with a single shopping cart, you can shop seamlessly across sites, with one integrated check out.  I think all four sites look great, and I believe that this "separate but together" strategy will benefit each.  Personally, I find submitting and rating slogans on TypeTees to be addictive.  I guess it's because I couldn't design a compelling art tee shirt to save my life, but I'm still up for the challenge of submitting an original idea and seeing if the community will deem my slogan worthy of printing.

Second, Select recently partnered with design/technology icon John Maeda and the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where Maeda recently became President, to curate a series of four stunning designs from RISD professors.  The "RISD Collection" includes: Renaissance Beauty by illustration professor Trent Burleson; The Journey by industrial design professor Soojung Ham; Nature vs Nurture by graphic design professor Nancy Skolos; and Ouroboros '08 by illustration professor Randy Willier.  Part of the proceeds from the RISD Collection support a $15,000 donation made by Select to the RISD Scholarship Fund. 

Third, we opened our first Threadless Kids physical store today.  The store is located at 1905 West Division in a great little shopping district in the Wicker Park section of Chicago.  Well before the severity of the economic crisis became apparent, we took a cost-conscious approach of doing more with less.  Not only were we able to launch a beautiful, engaging shopping experience on a budget, but we believe that the Threadless brand and spirit are more truly conveyed by this design than by expensive build outs that were originally considered.

The team here at SkinnyCorp has done a great job on all these initiatives.  I am lucky to be working with such a talented, passionate bunch.

One last update that might interest you is that we just launched a MASSIVE month-long holiday sale today.  There are big discounts on items across all four sites, and we'll be unveiling a new promotional "gift" on each of the next three Mondays.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Lots of new developments at SkinnyCorp

  1. Hi Thomas,
    We have developed a Styletool which you can find on Facebook and iGoogle.
    With this tool you make your avatar which you can save for many online features and use it as your online image and ID.
    Perphaps there are possibilities and opportunities to do campaigns with your business Treadless.
    E.g. Show shirts on your avatar and collect fans/supporters online, exposure and Designer contests or any other original, free and creative ideas.
    The tool contains a credit system which users can buy, win or earn.
    I hope you see the possibilities like we do.
    Best regards, Stephan.
    Please check the Styletool:

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