Introducing Twitter Tees by Threadless


I'm excited to announce a new project we launched today -  Twitter Tees by Threadless.  We've brought the Threadless crowdsourcing model for t-shirts to the Twitter
community.  Twitter Tees will feature notable tweets submitted and
voted on by Twitter users, with art direction and design of each shirt
by the in-house creative team at Threadless.  We've already gotten some nice coverage by Mashable, BrandWeek, and O'Reilly.

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, originally reached out to us in early
January regarding some Twitter logo tees they were interested in
producing.  Here at Threadless, we had already been refining a strategy
to bring crowdsourcing to other vibrant communities, so the timing was
perfect.  In February, Biz invited us to speak to the Twitter team at
their San Francisco office about Threadless and crowdsourcing.  It was
great to exchange ideas with their team and they really liked our idea
for enabling any
Twitter user to submit and vote on tweets to make the best Twitter
Tees.  Once we decided to move forward, our team here at Threadless did
a great job taking this project from concept to live site in a very
short time.  The Twitter API provided a great platform for developing a richly integrated site, and Biz Stone and his colleague Maggie Utgoff were incredibly supportive.

Here's how it works.  After logging into
the site using your Twitter credentials, you can instantly access your
own tweets and submit them for consideration.  You can also nominate
others' tweets for consideration, and you can vote on any tweets
submitted to determine if they are worthy of being printed as a
Twitter Tee.  Importantly, in respect of your privacy, you must approve
any tweet of yours that someone else has nominated before it is
eligible for voting.  Also, in respect of your time/messaging
preferences, you can choose to approve all, deny all or review each
nomination on a case-by-case basis.  Tweets from protected Twitter
accounts are not eligible for nomination or submission.  Each week
we'll print two new Twitter Tees, based on community vote.  If your own
tweet is selected you will receive $500 and if you are first to
nominate a successful tweet you will receive $140.

We launched the site with four great Twitter-themed tees from existing tweets:

"I'm huge on Twitter" by @xenijardin

"140 is the new 420" by @mutgoff

"In space no one can hear you tweet" by @LouisTrapani

"The messaging system we didn't know we needed until we had it" by @biz

can't wait to see which tweets the community submits and votes up in
the coming weeks, but I expect them to be as diverse and varied as the
conversations happening constantly on Twitter.  Please check out the site and submit, nominate and vote on some tweets!  I'd love to get your feedback.

Lots of new developments at SkinnyCorp

We've been working hard over the past few months here at SkinnyCorp, and I am proud of our team and our recent accomplishments. 

First, we recently launched a new site for each of our four key tee shirt brands: Threadless (user-submitted and rated designs); TypeTees (user-submitted and rated slogans); Select (established artist designs curated by Threadless); and Threadless Kids (popular Threadless designs for kids and babies).  Previously, only Threadless and Threadless Kids had their own sites.  This new structure provides each brand its own unique space where it can grow, be promoted and speak to its distinct audience.  At the same time, the universal navigation bar at the top of each site and other cross-site promotional aspects, give each site the support of being part of the Threadless family.  And with a single shopping cart, you can shop seamlessly across sites, with one integrated check out.  I think all four sites look great, and I believe that this "separate but together" strategy will benefit each.  Personally, I find submitting and rating slogans on TypeTees to be addictive.  I guess it's because I couldn't design a compelling art tee shirt to save my life, but I'm still up for the challenge of submitting an original idea and seeing if the community will deem my slogan worthy of printing.

Second, Select recently partnered with design/technology icon John Maeda and the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where Maeda recently became President, to curate a series of four stunning designs from RISD professors.  The "RISD Collection" includes: Renaissance Beauty by illustration professor Trent Burleson; The Journey by industrial design professor Soojung Ham; Nature vs Nurture by graphic design professor Nancy Skolos; and Ouroboros '08 by illustration professor Randy Willier.  Part of the proceeds from the RISD Collection support a $15,000 donation made by Select to the RISD Scholarship Fund. 

Third, we opened our first Threadless Kids physical store today.  The store is located at 1905 West Division in a great little shopping district in the Wicker Park section of Chicago.  Well before the severity of the economic crisis became apparent, we took a cost-conscious approach of doing more with less.  Not only were we able to launch a beautiful, engaging shopping experience on a budget, but we believe that the Threadless brand and spirit are more truly conveyed by this design than by expensive build outs that were originally considered.

The team here at SkinnyCorp has done a great job on all these initiatives.  I am lucky to be working with such a talented, passionate bunch.

One last update that might interest you is that we just launched a MASSIVE month-long holiday sale today.  There are big discounts on items across all four sites, and we'll be unveiling a new promotional "gift" on each of the next three Mondays.  Enjoy!

From England, an ode to Threadless

Check out this track. It’s things like this that make working at Threadless really special.

Snippet is a musician from England who used to be part of an electronic act called Deep Joy on the amazing Mo’ Wax label. Mo' Wax was home to many pioneering and talented acts, like DJ Shadow, Attica Blues, DJ Krush, and Dr. Octogon. What set the label apart, however, was that each release was delivered in equally impressive artwork, oftentimes from famous artists like Futura. Mo' Wax was truly one one of the labels where the case for vinyl over any other format is a no-brainer.

Anyhow, Snippet read about Threadless recently in one of the UK newspapers.  He got so inspired by our community and the idea of user-designed products that he wrote a song about Threadless called “I Love Your T-Shirt.” Now that's community love!

Threadless on the cover of Inc.

Threadless-inc-coverBig congratulations to my new colleagues Jake Nickell and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, as well as the whole skinnyCorp / Threadless team!  Jake and Jeffrey are on the cover of the new issue of Inc. Magazine where Threadless is dubbed "the most innovative small company in America!"  There's a great (and long) feature on Threadless entitled "The Customer is the Company."

Also, on Monday we launched Threadless Prints.  Each week we'll release three new hand-numbered, limited edition screen prints.  Check them out  on the site.  They're beautifully made.

My new gig!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have just joined skinnyCorp / Threadless as CEO.  skinnyCorp operates several online communities, the largest of which is Threadless, a community-based t-shirt company with an ongoing open-call for design submissions.  Essentially, designers from around the world submit designs which are rated by the large and active Threadless community.  The weekly winners are paid a cash prize and their designs are printed onto t-shirts which the company sells.  Founded in 2000, Threadless has been growing rapidly and is the original and leading player in this space.  Also, just recently, the company launched Threadless Kids.

I am excited to be working again in an entrepreneurial, consumer-focused company that bridges the creative world and the web world.  I’m particularly happy that it’s one with such a vibrant and passionate community.  I am looking forward to collaborating closely with Jake Nickell (founder/CSO), Jeffrey Kalmikoff (CCO), Harper Reed (CTO), and the rest of the extremely talented team. 

Jake posted the anouncement on the Threadless blog earlier today.  It’s a great welcome to begin what I expect will be a tremendously rewarding, fun, and successful partnership.

Hey, you! Get onto my Qloud!

I’m excited to announce my involvement on the board of directors of social music start-up Qloud.  The company’s "My Music" application has been live for just three months on Facebook, and has already acquired 1 million users.  That makes it the  #2 music app on Facebook, with more users than Pandora, and imeem combined.  If you haven’t already installed "My Music" on your Facebook account, please give it a try.  You can get it here.  The "musical poke" feature is novel and I find myself using it a lot to send songs to friends on their birthdays.

Founders Toby Murdock and Mike Lewis and their team have done a great job so far with excellent support from their main backer – AOL founder Steve Case and his team at Revolution LLC.  Directors and/or additional investors include Chris Blackwell (founder of Island Records who launched the careers of U2 and Bob Marley), Ted Leonsis (former Vice Chairman of AOL), Jim Bankoff (former EVP of AOL), Tige Savage (Revolution), Dave Goldberg (former GM Music at Yahoo), and Paul Vidich (former EVP Warner Music).  I feel fortunate to  be a part of this distinguished group helping drive Qloud forward.  The full press release is here.

Today, for Qloud, the sky’s the limit.